• Natural Products for a Healthy Life


    “Plants Are Considered Weeds,
    Untill They Reveal Their
    Healing Properties”
    BioKraft Swiss

Our products

Our natural products keep you healthy and energized.

  • Diabetrix


    Diabetrix is a natural food supplement made in Germany, which contains an original combination of herbs

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  • Diabetrix Forte

    Diabetrix Forte

    We plan to launch our new product, Diabetrix Forte, in 2018.

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  • Diabetrix Duo

    Diabetrix Duo

    We plan to launch our new product, Diabetrix Duo, in 2018.

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About BioKraft

Biokraft GmbH is a small and dynamic company registered in Switzerland. Our motto is “Health from Nature”.

The mission

The mission

We develop and market food supplements using natural plant ingredients.

The team

The team

Meet Biokraft’s management team and get in contact for joint business ventures!

The customers

Our customers

Our products are addressing the people who are aiming towards a healthy lifestyle.